brief introduction

Tibet Expressway machine room-less freight elevator adopts high-tech permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction, which leads the trend of the times. It is a classic combination of safety and perfection, which can be widely used in factories, shopping malls and other freight

Integrate into the building with ease

Tibet Express Tongda machine room-less freight elevator can provide customers with efficient and easy installation solutions to ensure the normal progress of construction projects.Compared with traditional machine room freight elevators, Tibet Expressway machine roomless freight elevators have a wide range of applications and are more suitable for vertical transportation in modern society

Elevator characteristics

1.Open door

Adopting a multi fold hall car door to achieve the maximum opening width and facilitate the entry and exit of large goods.

2.Light curtain protection

A light curtain protection barrier is formed at the entrance of the elevator, which can respond sensitively to any object entering its detection range, effectively protecting the safety of people and goods.

3.Strong and sturdy

It is made of high-strength profiles and specially designed to strengthen the car chassis, which is durable.

Elevator car




Hall Door

Human-machine interface